Langdale Pikes from Loughrigg

The Puzzling Place

9 Museum Square
CA12 5DZ

Tel:- 01768 775102

  • A totally unique and absorbing attraction
  • Puzzle and Gadget Shop
  • Puzzle area, with puzzles and brain teasers
  • "World of Illusion", featuring anti Gravity room, Holograms Gallery, Ames Forced perspective room and 'Eyelusions' Exhibition.

The Puzzling Place is one of the most unique attractions in the Lake District, and is ideal for both adults and children. It consists of a small shop selling puzzles and gadgets, which is fairly unique in itself; a puzzle corner, where puzzles and brain teasers are set out for free; and a small but absorbing exhibition called 'World of Illusion' which is the 'seeing is believing' bit.

Part of the exhibition features an 'anti gravity' room, but this is not a room where you take off into space, but rather one where your normal senses are deceived by what you see. Balls roll uphill, water flows at an unnatural angle and everyone appears to stand at an impossible slant and lean effortlessly into space without falling. It is great fun, and also very puzzling.

Puzzle and Gadget Shop

Stuffed with puzzles, gadgets and curiosities to amuse, entertain or puzzle you. Free to enter.

Puzzle Area

Give your brain a work out trying to solve the puzzles and brain teasers which are set out for your entertainment and frustration! Free to enter

World of Illusion

A tiny fee gives access to this unique exhibition, featuring an ‘Anti-gravity Room’, ‘Ames Forced Perspective Room’, ‘Hologram Gallery’ and ‘Eyelusions Exhibition’, which contains fascinating optical illusions.



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